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Fancy a trip to Europe? Your dollar will go further than ever right now!

World currency

The grand tour

If you’ve always dreamed about strolling around the piazzas and palaces of Rome, exploring the elegant boulevards of Paris or heading for the bright lights of London’s West End, now could be the perfect time to book your trip. The strength of the dollar looks set to reduce the price of foreign travel, cutting the cost of everything from paying for a hotel room to buying a round of drinks at the bar.

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Will eating like Vikings help us to live longer?


You are what you eat

If the old maxim ‘you are what you eat’ holds any water, then new evidence would suggest that rather than sticking to the oft-touted Mediterranean diet, we should, instead, be eating like Vikings. It seems that not only are we destined to envy the Scandinavians their model prisons, schools and healthcare system, but we should also aspire to their eating habits if we want to live longer, healthier lives.

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