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No upturn in sight for Chinese economy

China’s economy shows no signs of recovery Chinese economy slumps

Chinese manufacturing activity fell to a six-year low in the latest chapter of the slowdown in growth currently being experienced by the world’s second-biggest economy. China’s president, Xi Jinping, was swift to defend his government’s stock market intervention in a speech delivered in Seattle during his recent state visit to the US. He claimed that although the economy was ‘under pressure’, it was, nevertheless ‘on the way towards growth’ and that the stock market had reached a ‘phase of self-recovery’.

It’s not a view shared by everyone. After an average annual growth rate of 10% for three decades, China’s economy has slowed significantly. Last year it was just 7.4% – with many economists believing the true figure is to be good deal lower. IMF forecasts stand at 6.8% for next year.

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Which way now for VW after global emissions scandal?

Car manufacturer Volkswagen facing fallout from cheating emissions tests

Cheats never prosper

European car manufacturer Volkswagen is embroiled in a PR disaster of unprecedented proportions following the recent global emissions scandal. Former Chief Exec Martin Winterkorn has stepped down, with Porsche boss, Matthias Müller, taking the reins and pledging to leave no stone unturned in the investigation into how the company cheated emissions tests on its diesel cars. So far, an undisclosed number of staff have been suspended as a result of what VW is referring to as ‘unlawful behaviour of engineer and technicians involved in engine development.’

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