Monthly Archives: October 2015

Samsung in hot water over TV power consumption

Samsung under fire as allegations emerge over ‘gaming’ lab testsAre you switched on?

After the scandal surrounding the recent VW emissions episode, consumer confidence is being tested once again with the news that some Samsung TVs in Europe appear to record lower energy outputs during official tests than they do in real-world use. The alleged discrepancies were found in unpublished lab tests by EU-funded research group ComplianTV which logged consistently higher energy consumption rates for the company’s models in the field than in lab conditions.

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IMF forecasts weaker economic growth

Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, warned of a period of weakened economic growth aheadGrowth at its weakest since 2009

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is forecasting interesting times ahead as weak growth over the last twelve months shows no sign of improvement. Christine Lagarde warned of a continued slowdown – especially in the large emerging market countries – that will cut global growth to its lowest level since the profound recession of 2009. Forecasts due to be published by the IMF in October will show global economic activity lower that the 3.4% recorded in 2014.

During an address in Washington, Lagarde said ‘global growth will likely be weaker this year than last, with only a modest acceleration expected in 2016’.

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