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US growth picks up in Q3

Figures show better-than-expected growth figures during Q3 of 2016Emerging from the doldrums

The pace of US growth recovered sharply in the third quarter, peaking at its highest rate in two years and lending credence to forecasts that the country is on track for greater economic stability as 2016 draws to a close.

The economy expanded at a 2.9 percent annualised rate in the third quarter, up from 1.4 percent in the second quarter, which topped predictions of a more modest rate of 2.6 percent and reflected a spike in exports as well as an increase in federal spending, according to the US Commerce Department.

That said, consumption growth – another key indicator of the health of the economy – dropped back over the same period to just 2.1 percent, down from more than double that figure in the previous quarter, and falling a long way short of the expected 2.6 percent benchmark.

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What’s a Brexit and what would it mean for the US?

How does speculation over Britain’s potential exit from the EU affect the US?The Brits are voting on what?

What’s a Brexit? It’s a term that may well be unfamiliar to many Americans, although it’s causing quite a storm on the other side of the Atlantic. In June, the British public will vote in a referendum to decide whether the country will retain its membership of the European Union or whether it will make a strategic exit – or Brexit.

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Fancy a trip to Europe? Your dollar will go further than ever right now!

World currency

The grand tour

If you’ve always dreamed about strolling around the piazzas and palaces of Rome, exploring the elegant boulevards of Paris or heading for the bright lights of London’s West End, now could be the perfect time to book your trip. The strength of the dollar looks set to reduce the price of foreign travel, cutting the cost of everything from paying for a hotel room to buying a round of drinks at the bar.

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