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What will $100 buy you in Nebraska?

Independent research organisation the Tax Foundation reveals some interesting differences in the cost of living across the US

Why $100 isn’t the same everywhere

How much bang are you getting for your buck this year? Well, it pretty much depends on where you live, according to the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organisation which regularly collates data from The Bureau of Economic Analysis to demonstrate how much $100 buys you on a state-by-state basis. It may come as little surprise to discover that the same goods are often much cheaper in states like Missouri than they are in New York, but there are some interesting discrepancies outside the obvious.

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Solar flight crosses Pacific

Solar Impulse touches down in Hawaii after five-day flight

Silent running

The dream of transport powered by clean energy may just be that little bit closer – thanks to a historic round-the-world trip currently being attempted by the Solar Impulse team.

Boasting a record-breaking 118 hours of non-stop flight over more than 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean, Solar Impulse 2 finally touched down on Hawaii’s Oahu Island last week to end the eighth leg of a 13-stage trip around the world. Just five days after he left Japan on the longest and most perilous part of his globe-encircling adventure, pilot Andre Borschberg safely landed his craft, having completed the journey without any fuel – a record for a plane run only on solar power.  Continue reading

Will eating like Vikings help us to live longer?


You are what you eat

If the old maxim ‘you are what you eat’ holds any water, then new evidence would suggest that rather than sticking to the oft-touted Mediterranean diet, we should, instead, be eating like Vikings. It seems that not only are we destined to envy the Scandinavians their model prisons, schools and healthcare system, but we should also aspire to their eating habits if we want to live longer, healthier lives.

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