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US airports don’t match up to international competition

US airports have a poor showing in Skytrax international indexComing in to land

If you were one of the millions of Americans who travelled by plane over the Thanksgiving break – perhaps heading home for a family gathering – you may also be among the most disgruntled air travellers in the world. Fact is, US airports are lagging way behind other countries in the world rankings, losing out to their Asian counterparts, as well as some European hubs.

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Do you live in one of the world’s safest cities?

Tokyo claims top spot in report into the world’s safest cities

Safety first

How safe do you feel in your city? Turns out it’s not such an easy question to answer as the concept itself differs from person to person – country-dwellers might not consider it possible to define any urban environment as safe, for instance. Last year’s Safer Cities project, commissioned by UN-Habitat with the aim of making urban areas safer to inhabit, gathered together some interesting initiatives with unexpected results – including the use of mime artists to improve road traffic safety in Bogota – yes, really!

Interestingly, the idea of safety isn’t directly related to the incidence of violent crime – terrorism and cybercrime are in the increase as urban areas rely more heavily on tech and systems that govern transport and communications targets for hackers.

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Hiding in plain sight

Fugitive arrested after hiding out on Appalachian Trail for six years

Escape to the country

If you’re on the FBI’s most wanted list, what’s the best place to lay low? Turns out the Appalachian Trail is the perfect spot if you’re keen to evade the strong arm of the law, as it emerges that multi-million-dollar embezzler James T Hammes eluded capture for six years by posing as a hiker.

Hammes had been on the run since 2009 for allegedly embezzling more than $8.7m from a Pepsi bottling plant in Kentucky. He was apprehended earlier this month in Virginia and is expected to return to Ohio to face charges.

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Tesla announces ‘Powerwall’ domestic energy solution

Tesla announces the development of a rechargeable battery for domestic use

Energy for free?

What if you could supply all the energy need for your home from a set of rechargeable batteries? Well it seems that this futuristic vision could be more than just an eco-pipedream in the wake of Tesla’s announcement that it intends to enter the domestic energy market with low-cost solar batteries for homes, businesses and utilities.

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Will eating like Vikings help us to live longer?


You are what you eat

If the old maxim ‘you are what you eat’ holds any water, then new evidence would suggest that rather than sticking to the oft-touted Mediterranean diet, we should, instead, be eating like Vikings. It seems that not only are we destined to envy the Scandinavians their model prisons, schools and healthcare system, but we should also aspire to their eating habits if we want to live longer, healthier lives.

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What’s the most valuable watch in the world today?

Graves Supercomplication

History in the making

This month, a 90-year-old pocket watch will be auctioned by Sotheby’s. Not a story that would normally make the Bank of Cardiff news blog, granted. This watch is a special case, though. The ‘Graves Supercomplication’ is a bespoke timepiece created in 1925 for American industrialist, Henry Graves and is the only one of its kind. The combined prestige of the maker, Patek Philippe and its illustrious owner make it likely to be the most valuable timepiece ever sold.

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