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French investigators raid Google Paris HQ

Google faces charges of financial fraud following raid on its French officesGoogle facing charges of financial fraud

Since the leak of the Panama Papers earlier this year – and in the wake of recent revelations regarding high-profile sweetheart tax deals – the pressure has been on governments across the world to crack down on multi-national corporations who are employing elaborate strategies to avoid paying tax and so depriving their host economies of much-needed revenues.

So the news that French investigators have raided Google’s Paris headquarters as part of its long-running enquiry into the internet giant’s tax affairs, stating that the company is under investigation for aggravated financial fraud and organised money laundering, should come as no surprise to those of us watching from the sidelines.

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What next for global tax reform?

Head of IMF says it’s time to think outside the box on global taxTime for a new approach to global tax?

Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said it is time to ‘think outside the box’ on global tax, but has cautioned against proposals by British-based charity Oxfam to rush into the creation of a UN global tax body which she believes could face insurmountable obstacles.

The public desire to see multinational companies brought to book over their tax-avoidance strategies has been thrust back into the spotlight following the publication of the Panama Papers. The documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca show how trillions of dollars of cash is stashed by savvy companies in fiscal havens, where it escapes the scrutiny of tax authorities and governments around the world.

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EU announces crackdown on tax avoidance

EU to force multinationals to disclose country-by-country profits and tax arrangementsEU strengthens resolve to target multinationals

Since the publication of the Panama Papers at the beginning of April, there have been growing calls for increased transparency in the tax affairs of politicians and multinational companies across the globe in a bid to quash efforts by some businesses to engage in elaborate tax-avoidance schemes that rob governments of important contributions to the public purse.

In the latest chapter of the unfolding global drama, European Union (EU) regulators have announced proposals to force multinationals, including subsidiaries of non-European organisations, to disclose profits earned and taxes paid in Europe’s 28 member states, as well as in tax havens. 

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