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Commercial Finance & Leasing Bank of Cardiff has joined in the social media revolution. Stay informed with our opinion regarding market trends, the ever-changing global economic climate and how it relates to today’s rates and lending environment, corporate and consumer credit quality improvement and degradation, and the overall impact on your bottom line.

Interested in hearing what our customers have to say? We’re rated A with the BBB, AAA with the Business Consumer Alliance, and are a licensed and bonded California Finance Lender.

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Unhappy with a product or service that you’ve received: We’re terribly sorry that you’ve found a reason to complain, but letting us know you’re unhappy gives us the opportunity to put matters right again and improve our level of service unto all. No matter how you decide to communicate your grievance, we’ll listen attentively and act on your needs.

As you might expect, if you complain using the telephone or via email at: complaints@bankofcardiff.com, the faster we’ll be able make good on our promise to deliver to you outstanding customer support.

FRAUD ALERT: There have been recent attempts by overseas scam artists trying to obtain personal information and money by using CFLBC’s name. These emails state that the email recipient is the winner of a foreign lottery and they must wire money or send personal information in order to collect their winnings. This is a scam. We are not the custodians for any lotteries. Please report all such emails to our anti-phishing department using the steps below.

If you use Outlook or Netscape, create a new e-mail to phishing@bankofcardiff.com.

Drag and drop the phishing email from your inbox onto this new email message.

Do not simply forward the email if you can help it, as this approach loses critical information and makes it much more difficult to process. If you access your email through a web interface, forwarding is the only solution.

Please report all other suspicious emails to us at abuse@bankofcardiff.com.

You may also connect with us on other social media platforms:

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We Tweet: http://twitter.com/BankofCardiff/
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We’re LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/commercial-finance-&-leasing-bank-of-cardiff-inc-

Have you received an offer in the post for a Bank of Cardiff Line of Credit? It’s not fraud, but a true offer for working capital for your business. The offer is based upon your company’s stellar commercial credit rating and to a lesser extent your own personal credit. Like most commercial lenders, Commercial Finance & Leasing Bank of Cardiff buys data from major business and consumer rating services like Experian, Transunion, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet. We develop a proprietary algorithm to score over 20 million US businesses in an effort to extend prime offers of credit. Ready to activate your Bank of Cardiff Working Capital Line of Credit offer? Get started today by registering your Reservation Code: http://www.bankofcardiff.com/offer/

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