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Apple hit with tax penalty after EU ruling

Tech giant Apple to pay billions of euro in back taxes after EU rulingUnfair advantage

Tech giant Apple has been hit with Europe’s biggest-ever tax penalty after Brussels ruled that the company had received what amounted to illegal state aid from Ireland. The company will be required to pay billions of euro in back taxes as the European Commission seeks to redress the aggressive tax avoidance strategies employed by the world’s biggest corporations.

The judgment follows a three-year investigation into claims that Dublin violated EU law by granting Apple an advantage not available to other companies. It’s likely that the decision will be the subject of appeals by both Apple and Ireland – both of which deny any wrongdoing.

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Microsoft wins privacy tug-of-war with US government

Appeals court overturns earlier ruling forcing Microsoft to hand over customer dataLaw enforcement versus individual privacy

The mood between tech companies and the US government has been less than cordial in recent months following a series of stand-offs over law enforcement and customer privacy issues.

In the most recent high-profile case, a US appeal court has ruled that the government cannot force Microsoft to turn over to them data stored overseas and has rejected an earlier ruling that found the tech giant in contempt for failing to aid a narcotics prosecution.

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Telephone data surveillance may pose a threat to citizens

Stanford University researchers highlight threat to the privacy of ordinary citizensBig brother is listening

A recent study by researchers at Stanford University shows how details obtained from telephone calls as part of routine surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) may pose a threat to privacy of ordinary citizens.

Shockingly, despite only having access to anonymous ‘metadata’ on people’s calls and texts, and without seeing the contents of any of the communications, the Stanford scientists managed to ascertain individuals’ names, addresses and the names of their partners.

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Is the Honeymoon period over for tech companies?

Tech companies forced to face up to responsibilities

Where’s the glamour gone?

Up till recently, technology companies have enjoyed a privileged position in the commercial hierarchy. Think of software giants like Microsoft – riding to fame and fortune on the brilliance of their geeky founders, making money as easily as shelling peanuts and elevating tech innovations to the top of the cool list. All the messy compliance issues, environmental problems and pettifogging regulations that dog other, less glamorous, sectors didn’t concern this gilded league.

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