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Airbnb’s Samara project targets new buildings

Airbnb is extending its reach into architecture and city planning with its new Samara projectSpace sharing for a new age of travel

The space-sharing disrupter Airbnb has ruffled as many feathers as it has inspired budget-conscious travellers the world over. By enabling homeowners to rent out living spaces – ranging from a single room to a whole house – the company has provided both a money-making opportunity for owners and a cost-effective accommodation model for cash-strapped tourists.

But the San Francisco-based company has plenty of detractors, with hoteliers complaining about the deleterious effect on their businesses, and city dwellers accusing Airbnb of contributing to the process of gentrification by reducing the availability of long-term rentals. The phenomenon has led to concerns about the adverse effect growing tourist numbers might have on historic cities, with a number of authorities cracking down on commercial activity by introducing new regulations.

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Fancy a trip to Europe? Your dollar will go further than ever right now!

World currency

The grand tour

If you’ve always dreamed about strolling around the piazzas and palaces of Rome, exploring the elegant boulevards of Paris or heading for the bright lights of London’s West End, now could be the perfect time to book your trip. The strength of the dollar looks set to reduce the price of foreign travel, cutting the cost of everything from paying for a hotel room to buying a round of drinks at the bar.

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