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Accounts Receivable Finance

Accounts Receivable Finance

By combining our strong national presence as well as local market knowledge, Bank of Cardiff can create flexible and scalable financing that grows with our partners.

As a well-trusted and preeminent, specialist financier, Bank of Cardiff has a central role in increasing awareness and ameliorating the perceived image of accounts receivable financing across the Americas. Our dedication to growing this financial space is evidenced by our support and education programmes offered by our firm to small and medium-sized enterprises. Similarly, our industry agnosticism ensures that a broad range of company size and sectors benefit from such financing, including those with a consumer or retail focus, staffing firms, transportation (trucking and logistics), as well as manufacturing.


Complex Nature: Perception exists that suggests accounts receivable financing is relatively complex. In fact, accounts receivable financing through the Bank of Cardiff couldn't be simpler: cash is advanced to rapidly growing firms who trade with larger more established enterprises. The advance is backed by the discounted sale of an invoice or forthcoming payment. The seller receives its cash infusion and assigns the Bank of Cardiff (the factor) the legal right to collect the receivable.

Awareness: Many businesses lack familiarity with what accounts receivable financing truly is and therefore mistakenly believe that access to this product is both limited and has a premium associated (when compared to lines of credit or small business working capital loans/large business working capital loans)

In actuality, invoice factoring is easily accessible and is competitively priced. It is best used by businesses that need immediate access to outstanding debts to improve cash flow and have creditworthy business-to-business accounts receivable.

Companies of all sizes and industries rely on Bank of Cardiff for accounts receivable financing. Below are a number of reasons:


Bank of Cardiff's interest rate is highly competitive and is benchmarked against major indices, including a margin based on the daily amount advanced during that month.

Published: 2015 Q3 in Review and Q4 Outlook