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Point of Sale (POS) Equipment Leasing

Point of Sale (POS) Equipment Leasing

A quicker checkout means more clients and a greater ROI. Check out our POS financing for both restaurants and retail.

Financing At Your Fingertips

Hospitality/Restaurant Food Service/Petroleum and C-Store

Whether checking in or out, ordering food or pumping gas, partnering with the right point of sale company is vital. Likewise, complementing your POS purchase with the right finance tool is equally essential to building the long-term value of your business venture.

Point of sale financing with Bank of Cardiff is fast, easy and flexible. POS systems are proven to improve efficiency and your bottom line. Bank of Cardiff too pledges to work towards your business goals by helping to drive more revenue toward your bottom line.

Financing and leasing with Bank of Cardiff promises have cost effective financing and preservation of cash. Paying upfront for your POS purchase can cut into your budget for other important items such as payroll and inventory. Budget a monthly payment and term that makes sense for your business, while still matching the useful life of your next POS purchase. As technology changes, you may have the ability to upgrade into a new system, still limiting cash paid upfront.

Protect against obsolescence, conserve capital, preserve your company's credit, and realize your growth today.

Contact a Bank of Cardiff analyst today and stop working your fingers to the bone.

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