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Line of Credit

Line of Credit

Bank of Cardiff provides comprehensive financial services that span structured and asset finance, tailored cash management solutions, to fixed and LIBOR-benchmarked term loans.

Many small-business owners may encounter cash flow management issues, having to balance out seasonality with sustained growth and revenue generation. A Bank of Cardiff Line of Credit helps to accommodate a firm's year-long credit demands, ensuring an consistent flow of capital at optimal rate for the borrower.

Engender a long-lasting relationship with Bank of Cardiff

A line of credit reflects our dedication to building a long-lasting relationships with our customers. While prognosticating a company's needs is never as simple as reading tea leaves, our lines of credit aid our customers in anticipating future expenditures, even when those debt obligations may not be clearly identifiable. Unlike a Small Business Working Capital Loan, or a Large Business Working Capital Loan, a Line of Credit does not need to be accessed all at once, or earmarked for a specific purpose or need. Instead, the line of credit may be drawn down upon at any time for any reason; leveraged as a ready source of capital finance should a business contingency be revealed.