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Computer Equipment and Software Leasing

Computer Equipment and Software

Reboot with Bank of Cardiff. A crash-free leasing and financing solution.

Fund your business equipment needs in hours, not months

Technology equipment leasing provides flexible strategies for acquiring, managing, and updating technology assets and capital equipment. Bank of Cardiff has become the premier equipment financing resource because of our relationship-building acumen and our ability to custom-tailor financing that meets our clients' cash flow needs. As a result, Bank of Cardiff is the largest commercial finance and leasing bank of IT equipment for corporate end-users in North America.

We agree that your company's complete IT solution may require equipment from multiple vendors. Therefore, Bank of Cardiff is aligned with all major hardware manufacturers and their business partners. Our long-standing vendor/manufacturer relationships gives your company the flexibility to order the equipment of your choice, or your can consult with a Bank of Cardiff IT Solutions expert to attain a referral from a number of our trusted vendor partners.

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